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Spiritual Mentorship
Monthly Package

Two 90 Minute Sessions | Cost -  Your Offering

In these highly personal sessions, Julie offers:


  • Insight, clarity and inspiration designed to help you move through any blocks or challenges

  • Help in connecting with your intuition, your own internal guidance system

  • Guidance on learning to channel your own guides

  • A roadmap to living a presence-centered life

  • Exercises, meditations and practices that will help you move through fear, raise your energetic vibration, and return to peace

  • Email access throughout the month is included


Note: Many people find that when working with Julie in this way, their lives completely change. If you are not ready to live differently, to be different, and to have a huge energetic impact on the world, this may not be the mentoring for you. It’s okay to be afraid; but only those who are ready to walk through their fear to find out what is on the other side need apply!

Image by Jared Rice

Please Note:


It is always Julie's desire to assist those way-showers who want to have a major impact on the massive spiritual awakening occurring on Earth. If you are truly feeling the pull to work with Julie, simply connect and watch what unfolds. If you find value in what you receive, are truly blessed, and would like to offer a donation in exchange, she welcomes your offering. Yet, there is no expectation of a currency exchange, only the hope and desire to connect and share information, insight, clarity, and peace.

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