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The Strongest Force

"We can tell you that it is always, always possible to choose love. We understand that the more that you feel repressed, oppressed, deprived and unloved, the more difficult that it is to reside in love, hope, peace and joy. Yet we can also tell you that it is possible; not only is it possible, it is your ticket out. We know there will be people that will push back and we know that this idea frightens many because it seems too simplistic and not even simplistic, it seems cruel in a way. It seems like you are taking a feather to a gun fight. But people say this only because they do not have an understanding of the power of love. For truly if love is all there is, and this is a universal truth, if love is all there is, there is nothing stronger. So that feather that you take to that gunfight, that feather can stop every bullet. Every single time. That feather seems soft but it is the strongest force imaginable within the cosmos”.


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