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Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

I am Divine Mother. As you walk into December, as you walk into what many call the holiday season, as you gather with family, as you gather with friends and colleagues, we think that you will be able to feel an energetic difference in this December of 2021. Something feels different as you contemplate the holidays. Something feels, for many, exciting and scary all at the same time. This would not be at all uncommon or unusual, for excitement and fear are two sides of the same coin. They feel energetically very similar. And so as you settle into December, and even January, that fluttery feeling in your stomach, that feeling that something is happening, that feeling that something is coming, that feeling that something is changing - if you have those feelings, you are not wrong - for something is changing, something is coming.

We want to offer to you that as you move into December and again, even January, and perhaps farther along, things may seem to change in a way that is not positive yet we want to reassure you that all change is positive. All change is meant to move you forward; there is no going back. So as it has been said many times, keep your eyes on the prize. In other words, don’t sink into this idea that what you see out in the world is bad; sink instead into the motion that it is merely change. It is merely your world evolving. Keep your eyes on THAT. Keep your eyes on this idea that change is moving you forward to something that is wanted, to something that is needed, to something that is desired very much on your planet.

For you see, you as humans, almost every single one of you, truly desires more peace, more kindness, and more love. In order to see more peace, more kindness and more love, it helps very much if you experience in your own personal lives more peace, more joy and more love. This is the power that you have, for when you experience these aspects of life on earth in your own personal lives, you are magnifying those aspects for every other human. This is how you are designed as humans. This is why you are so interconnected with each other.

So as you gather for the holidays, as you navigate the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, we would ask you to make a commitment to yourself to experience more peace, more joy and more love, and to offer those things to as many other people as you possibly can. This will help to ensure that as this transformational time unfolds, it will move easily and gracefully through the world. Like a wave, this energy of transformation can come in as a tsunami or as a gentle tide, and it is you as humans who get to choose how that flow arrives. As each and every one of you seeks out your own peace and joy and love, you put that energy out into the world and that energy that you are putting out impacts that flow. It impacts that wave. You truly, truly have the ability to smooth that wave, to decrease its impact, to let it flow most gently. Again, this is truly what all of you want. On the flip side, as you would say, if you spend your time and your energy in judgment, anger, fear, and frustration, that will impact this wave as well, making it more of that tsunami, making it more destructive. Know that the wave will flow in regardless; it is rather how it arrives, how long it stays, how it leaves, and what kind of energetic impact it has. You humans are that powerful; you can choose, merely by how you live, a transformational energy that is gentle or that is more brutal, that flows gracefully and easfully, or that flows in challenge and in difficulty, leaving less quickly and with more pain and suffering in its wake.

We know it is hard to believe that how you experience your own life could have this much of an impact on all the people of the world, and yet we tell you it is true. It is true, it is true, it is true. So all we ask is that you consider, in any kind of gathering, in any kind of action that you take - am I abiding in love and peace and joy or am I abiding somewhere else? And if I am abiding somewhere else, do I choose to change it? Do I choose to accept and believe that by changing my energy, by changing my focus, by changing my intention, that I can positively impact my planet? You always have free will, you always have choice, and so if you want to remain in judgment and fear, if you are unable to remove yourself from those energies, it is ok. We want you to remember, however, that you always have choice and in that choice, you have an impact. There is nothing wrong or bad about remaining in some of the darker aspects of energy, like judgment and fear and anxiety - there is nothing wrong here - darkness will always exist with light. Yet, if you can bring more light into your life, you can bring more light into the world. That is all. It is that simple. If you can bring more light into your life, you can bring more light into the world. And so we support your free will, we support your choice, we support where you are and we also offer a deeper knowlege, a deeper wisdom and a deeper abiltiy to connect with your fellow humans in a way that is helpful and divine.

Most certainly during this holiday season, be who you are. We gently remind you that who you are, truly who you are, the very essence of who you are, is love. Take moments to connect with that love, take moments to be conscious of that love inside of you. The more that you can do this, the more that you can offer that love to the world and the more that you can impact that wave of change, so be more conscious. Be more conscious of your happiness, be more conscious of your joy, be more conscious of your peace, be more conscious of your love. Abide there as much as possible. Seek it out as much as possible. Offer it to others as much as possible. If you can focus on your energy rather than your actions, you will be so much father ahead and you will be so much more impactful. If you choose to be in service, if this a desire that you have, to be in service to the world, to be in service to your fellow humans, this is by far the highest level of service that you can offer, especially during this holiday season. Who you are being matters.

So go forward, celebrate, enjoy. Stay in this higher frequency as much as possible and know that this wave of change that you are seeing in your external world is carrying you forward. Things are not getting worse - it may appear that way - but things are just moving, things are changing, things are shifting and you get to help determine how that change arrives. So be at peace, be at peace. Know that all is well. Know that you have our love and support, always.

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