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It is time, it is time, it is time

We are the Pleiadians and we are most pleased to be with you.

You are approaching a cataclysmic time on your planet. It will feel cataclysmic and it is cataclysmic. Not necessarily because people will die or because homes and properties will be lost or because governments will fall or because weather patterns and geological events will bring some destruction and loss of convenience, loss of routine, loss of comfort to areas of your planet but because the old is breaking apart to make way for the new. We are not saying this to create any kind of fear, for these things are already here. You are already seeing them on your planet. You already have storms, you already have flooding, you already have tornadoes where tornadoes are not used to being, you already have earthquakes, you already have tsunamis, you already have fires, you already have disease, you already have governments falling. So none of this is new news.

What is new news, perhaps, is that all of these cataclysmic events come together to create a rent in the fabric of your old lives. They come together so that it is nigh impossible for many humans on this planet to return to the life they have lived before. This is necessary, unfortunately, because while humans have been prompted to grow and evolve and live life differently, to conceive of life differently, to conceive of yourselves differently, to begin to see the power that you hold within to make changes on the earth plane, it is true that many humans have not been able to make that shift in any meaningful way. You have heard the old joke about God knocking on the door, God pounding on the door, and finally God beating the door down and hitting you over the head with a two-by-four. This is, in essence, what is happening now. You are receiving the two-by-four.

It is no coincidence that this joke includes being hit over the head, for it is the mind and its accompanying thoughts, beliefs, judgments and assumptions that must change. But it is more than that. Yes, the mind must change. Yes, how you perceive life must change. Yes, how you perceive yourself must change - how you talk to yourself, how you think about yourself, how you think about the external world - all of those things must change. But what also must change is your tendency to use the mind rather than the heart to take action, to take action from your own internal knowing about what is true and what is right.

Humans often scurry about in busyness and distractedness and unawareness. This is how humans spend their days, and this is how humanity has remained in this place of stuckness in the world. For you see all around you the evidence that your old lives weren’t working and yet you feel powerless to do anything about it. Hence the two-by-four. Being stuck in your minds, being attached to outside authority figures, being attached to what you are told rather than discovering your own truth, being numbed and distracted so that most often you can’t even hear your own truth - all of this has kept you in this stuck place.

Yet we know that many humans have become numb and distracted because they feel a sense of fear, of dread, of exhaustion; a sense that something is wrong. The sense that they want to stop the world and get off because it is no longer an enjoyable place. The sense that somehow the world has gone off its tracks. The sense that there is something big missing from life. This sense that you have, in the deepest recesses of your guts and your hearts, that has led you to be busy and to be numb and to be distracted because, what to do with those feelings? Those feelings feel scary, they feel unfamiliar, and they also feel as if there is some responsibility there. That sense of responsibility may truly be what you are running from because the problems in the world feel simply too overwhelming for just one person. Indeed, what to do with those feelings?

You are running from that sense of responsibility because you have been discon-nected from God, from your own personal connection to God, and from the support and the power that this connection brings. The reason that humans have remained stuck in a world that is no longer working is because you have been so terrified to look at what you must do and that is because you haven’t had the tools at your disposal to support you in that looking. That tool at your disposal is your own connection with God.

It is so simple to rediscover that connection, but it does require going into your fear, it does require giving up your distractions, giving up those behaviors that keep you numb, keep you busy, keep you otherwise occupied in order to sit with yourselves in quiet stillness. There is a reason that meditation has been seen and acknowledged as the ultimate form, the ultimate practice, for spiritual evolution; truly sitting with yourself in quiet stillness is the way back to your own heart and the way back to God. It is the way back to the tools that you need in order to move and take action to create a new life and a new world. These cataclysmic events that you are experiencing are merely God’s way of saying to you, “It is time.” It is time, it is time, it is time.

Start with baby steps. We ask of you, find ten minutes a day to sit in quiet stillness and just notice whatever comes up, and then build on that time. Give up a distraction, give up a numbing behavior, start peeling back the layers of what has kept you discon-nected from yourself and from God. Baby steps are ok, but we urge you to take that first step and then another and then another. Continue to build on those steps until you have indeed found yourself, until you have indeed found God, until you have indeed found that connection that has always been with you between you and God, for God has always been within you.

When you find that connection, begin to take action from that place, action that you are specifically called to do. We can assure you that when this occurs, when you begin to take action from this space, your world will begin to change dramatically. Begin to build the world you want to see. Do not worry about the cataclysms. You may or may not be able to be of help directly. You may or may not be called to be of help elsewhere. Sink in to where you know you can be useful. Sit with yourself first, understand your truth, feel any call to action and then act. This is not selfish. This has an enormous impact on the world.

It is time, it is time, it is time to find yourself, to find God, and to find your unique place in the world. We urge you to move into this place of quiet stillness, find God within yourself, hear what God has to say about your place in the world, and then go in peace, knowing that all is well.

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