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Flame of God Transmission

"You know that as a flame of God, as Source, there is only oneness. And as such everyone, every thing is free, and yet paradoxically, you are in a human body with other humans sharing a planet, cohabitating, collaborating, cooperating and in that respect, freedom is a shared enterprise. As you become more free, you free others and as others become more free they free you. This is how important you are to each other. This is how beautiful humanity is. As you love more, you free others to love more and as others love more they free you to love more. It is this intricate, interwoven dance of energy, of emotion, of thought, of action. It is 7 billion divine plans, 7 billion souls, 7 billion human bodies weaving in and out, touching each other, impacting each other. If you could see what we see as we look upon your planet, we see LIGHT. We see this beautiful beautiful dance of light.”

~The Arcturian Galactic Council

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