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Explore, Experience, Observe, Create

We are the Pleiadians and we are so happy to be with you.

You are potentially walking into a difficult and challenging time on your planet over the next few months. This is going to feel to some a most powerful blow as this second wave of your pandemic is cresting and beginning to ebb again, causing many to look forward to the holidays, to the spirit of the season when families get together to celebrate each other, to celebrate the act of giving gifts, to celebrate through breaking bread. While we cannot say for certain, we believe that this holiday season might be somewhat difficult for a variety of reasons.

We see the possibility of some weather and geological events. We see the possibility that there will be supply chain disruptions that will make shopping for the holidays a bit more difficult, a bit different. We see that travel may be more challenging and more stressful. While we don’t necessarily think that the pandemic will create so many challenges to your holiday season, we think that other things may step into its place, with the end result being a feeling that you are restricted once again from living your life in the way that you prefer.

What we want to offer today is a way to move through this time that will not only help you feel more peaceful, but will also help your fellow humans flow more easily through this time period, as well. For anything that you do in your own individual lives to bring more peace, comfort, joy and more of the things that you prefer and choose, the more that you open the door for others to do the same.

We know this can be a challenging idea. We know that it can be somewhat hard to accept. That is because some of you are unfamiliar with Universal Law. Universal Law says that energy is God in motion (God, Source, Allah - whatever your name for this most highest energetic being). God has fragmented Itself into an infinite number of pieces of which you, as a human person are one, in order to experience all of the infinite possibilities of experiences that exist in the cosmos. You are here as a fragment of God, to allow God to experience Itself through you. Every single thing that happens to you, that comes into your awareness, is merely meant for you to experience it, to observe it - not to judge it or wish it away or push it away or resist it - but to experience it and choose within that experience to live your own truth and your own preferences as much as possible.

To suffer is to create a story around whatever is happening, a story where you are the victim. Suffering is a choice. Now, for most humans it is not a conscious choice because most humans are not actually conscious about most of their thoughts, beliefs and intentions, but that doesn’t make it any less so. So as you navigate any situation that is not to your liking, any situation that appears to create a restriction or a boundary around something that you would prefer, you will move through that situation most easily and smoothly if you do not judge it or resist it, and if you choose and choose again in each moment to follow your own joy, bliss, peace and comfort in whatever way you can, even if those ways are small. Know that you can find peace and comfort in almost any situation. Know that you can find the gift in almost any situation. Know that the holiday season does not depend upon any one thing to make it special or loving other than your own beliefs, thoughts and intentions about it.

Find ways to create the holidays that reflect what is most important to you. If that is good food, cook good food. Learn new dishes from different cultures if the food that you normally choose to serve is not available. If family members are not able to travel, Zoom or FaceTime with each other. See each others’ faces and break bread together, even if that means your laptop is in the middle of your table. Make gifts for each other if gift-giving makes you happy. Draw or color a picture. Create something that is yours and that also has resonance to the person you are giving it to. Explore, experience, observe, create.

Humans are a fragment of God and God is creative by Its very essence. You then, are also a creative creature. So get creative with it all. If you are disrupted in the ways that you normally celebrate the holidays, sit with yourself quietly with the intention of birthing that same holiday in a different way. We think you will be surprised at what comes up. But first, you must resist the urge to sink into the story that what is happening is bad or wrong, that it will ruin your holidays, or make you unhappy. When you start by sitting with yourself in a place of openness and expansion and in the mystery of how your creativity will show up in new and different ways, this is truly the way to navigate a challenging and seemingly restrictive situation. Simply get creative without the back story.

If some of your desires and preferences, along with all of the busyness of the holidays, fall away - if you are not particularly able to experience your holiday season as you usually do - there is a gift in all of that busyness falling away, there is a gift in the season being different, there is a gift in finding new ways to move through the holidays. There is always a gift to seeing yourself in a new way and to creating new traditions that are even more aligned with who you are and what you want to see in the world. Hold this intention. This is where you will find your joy, peace and a new sense of freedom.

More importantly, that peace, joy and new sense of freedom can walk with you into your world, even after the holidays. You can take it with you. This is truly what challenges are meant to do. They are meant for you to interact with something in a brand new way and to take any new skill, any new ability, any newfound sense of your own creativity and abundance, with you. And as you do so, you will be an inspiration for others.

We do not mean to create any fear about what will happen, about whether or not you will be ok, about whether or not your loved ones will be ok. This is not our intention. It is merely to point out that should your holidays not turn out the way you desire, that you have so much more freedom within that situation than you might think. You might be challenged to use your creativity and positivity, but as you do so, you can take that newfound trust in yourself, and in your God, with you.

As we end this transmission, we ask you to take a deep cleansing breath, breathing in and filling up your lungs with clean air, filling up your diaphragm and stomach, and then sighing all of that air out of your lungs and stomach until your stomach goes flat. When you have released all of that air, pause briefly at the bottom of your exhale in gratitude for everything that you have, for everything that you are, for everything that is coming into your life. Be in gratitude for the things that you have and be in gratitude for the things that are coming your way. Truly, this gratitude is the essence of the holiday season. Underneath all of the trimmings, there is gratitude and love. Gratitude, love, and your connection to Source, to God, to The All That Is, to The Infinite.

So we hope this was helpful, that it inspires you to remain in trust, faith, creativity, mystery, awe, gratitude and love. Stay in the present moment, and as you are in that present moment know that… All is well. All is well. All is well. Go in peace.

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