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Courage To Be Still

We are the Pleiadians and the Great White Brotherhood and we speak through this channel as one voice.

The human collective on Earth is headed for what you might describe as a bumpy ride in the coming weeks and months. We know that many humans will see this time and lose hope that the Earth is moving towards a bright and loving future. And so we are here to offer that this bumpy ride that you are embarking upon will be a catalyst for the Earth that so many humans hold close in their hearts, the Earth that so many humans choose to live upon. It is not just a catalyst, it is actually confirmation that this world that you are dreaming of already exists, at least to some extent. How long it takes you to get there however, and how bumpy that ride will be, depends upon all of you.

Humans on Earth have lived and acted from fear for thousands of years. We say that again, not just decades, not just hundreds but thousands of years. Fear has been used by those in power to manipulate, to control and to keep you small. More importantly, fear has been used to divide and separate humans from each other. This is at the crux of Black Lives Matter, the #MeToo women’s movement, and all other justice initiatives on the planet. You know instinctively and intrinsically as humans that being separated from each other is not the best way to live. Yet that fear that you act from is so ingrained as to be unconscious within you.

So our message today is really and truly about understanding all those places of fear that guide your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions in everyday life. For it is only when you begin to see, acknowledge and accept that fear and how it impacts everything that you do, everything that you think, everything that you believe is true, it is only when you come from this place that you can begin to see how you have truly been manipulated, how fear has truly run your life, and the false narratives that that fear has created.

This is not your fault. This is not any one single human’s fault. This is, shall we say, an agenda by some that has grown and expanded over those thousands of years and that agenda, unfortunately, has worked beautifully. But it is time for humans to take back their power, take back their ability to love, take back their compassion, take back their expansiveness, take back the truth of who you truly are and who all of those other humans that you share a planet with truly are, for GOD is in all of you.

But if you are afraid, if you let fear create those false narratives and if you live from, and believe in, those narratives, you cannot see the God in anyone else. In fact, you truly cannot see the God in yourself. For all of those judgments, those expectations, those thoughts of separation, all of that fear creates a distrust within yourself, as well.

So many humans on the planet today do not trust themselves, so many humans on the planet seek the answers for their own lives from authority figures who have no idea what they truly need. You have placed so much trust in the world outside. We are here to offer that the more you look for your own truth within, and the more you act from that truth, the more you let that guide your own life, the less separation you will see and the more compassion you will have for all other humans purely because you will have more love and compassion for yourself. As you sink into your own intuition, your own guidance, your own truth, as you seek the answers for the questions that you have about life from within yourself, as you sit with those questions, as you get quiet and still, and listen for that subtle voice of intuition, your truth will bubble up. And so will any action that you might choose to take.

Through this sitting with yourself, you will begin to understand the power, the complexity, the skills and abilities and gifts that you have as a unique soul and as you begin to see yourself as a unique soul, as you begin to accept, acknowledge and love your own gifts and abilities, as you begin to understand your true purpose and mission, as you begin to drop judgments, expectations and false narratives about yourself, it will be so easy to drop all of those things about your fellow humans, as well.

Truly, if you want to live in peace, and compassion and understanding in the years and decades to come, you will need to understand how to live from this place of stillness within yourself, of truth within yourself. You will need to drop all of those false narratives about yourself so that you can drop them about others. Those humans who are not able to do this, those humans who will continue to see separation and division rather than unity, love and compassion, those humans will not fair so well going forward. Yet those humans who have the courage and the commitment to follow their own guidance, to love themselves, to see the God within, to take action from their own unique standpoint, their own unique truth, those humans will find compassion and love for all others will fair much better. The more humans that can do this, the more humans who can live from this space, and the more quickly this occurs, the less bumpy the ride.

We want to say that again - you as a human collective and you as a unique human soul actually have an impact on how bumpy this ride is going to be for there is no way to move into this new energy, this new Age of Aquarius, this new timeline on Earth, there is no way to move into this new era without living from your own truth and without moving past fear and separation into the knowledge that God exists within all of us, within each and every one of us. It is our job to acknowledge the God within us and then in transference, to acknowledge the God in all others. The more people that do this and the more quickly that people do this, the less bumpy the ride will be and the less amount of time it will take for the Earth to truly begin to reflect the desires that you hold for life on this planet.

Almost all of you desire peace, almost all of you desire comfort in your living situation, in your financial situation, and really what that means is that you desire a feeling of a certain level of abundance. All humans desire to love and to be loved, to see and to be seen, to live and work in community with like-minded people working towards like-minded goals, they desire to move into a world free from war, violence, where all humans are treated equally and lovingly and with dignity. This world is not only possible but it is the world you are moving into, but again we say, you have an impact on how quickly that occurs and how messy it will get before you arrive there.

So what to do? What to do to move past the fear that has controlled and run your lives for so long? There are so many practices that you might adopt but the one theme that runs through all of these practices - whether meditation, breath work, singing, dancing, saying a mantra, sitting in nature, walking a beach or trail, petting your dog or cat or bunny - the theme that runs through all of them is stillness and a desire to check in with yourself.

There is much about your external world that is offered to you as a truth and a certainty, yet we will offer to you that much of that truth and certainty that is given to you through outside authority figures who tell you that if you follow these truths that you will be safe, that this in and of itself is a false narrative. There is no one authority figure who can tell you what you need or what you truly believe. You are a unique human soul and every other human who shares your planet is also a unique human soul. There is no one right, there is no one law, there is no one thing, no one truth that is the same for everyone. The only law, the only truth that is the same for everyone is love.

Live from love - love of yourself, love of your fellow humans, love of all things - plants, animals, your earth, your sky, your waters. Hold compassion for all others who are exactly where they are, who are on their own unique path. Hold that love and compassion even if you do not agree with how those humans are behaving, even if you do not agree that those humans are behaving out of love themselves. For the only thing that will heal war, violence, hatred, distrust and fear is love. That is the only true law to live from.

But if your heart and your mind are filled with fear that love, which is always in you, it is always inside, that love is pushed to the background. And in order to uncover that love, in order to set it free, in order to vanquish that fear, what is required of you is that you get quiet. Even if it’s only a few moments a day. Sit still. Breathe. Feel your feelings, acknowledge your feelings, examine your thoughts, examine your beliefs, and ask yourself, do those thoughts, do those beliefs, feel true to me? Question everything. Question everything from your own truth, from your own desires and preferences and have the courage to acknowledge that your truth might be different than what is being offered to you from the outside world. For truly this is the only way, doing this inner work, having the commitment to it, sitting with yourself, sitting within your own truth every day for as long as you can manage.

There is no timeframe here. We know this time on your planet can be very overwhelming and sometimes even carving out even a few moments can seem challenging, but we offer to you that when you make this commitment, the time will show up. You will find it. And remarkably, as you spend more time sitting, being quiet, and feeling your truth, time will seem to expand. You will actually feel as if you have more time because the truth of the matter is, you will. Time is fluid, time is not the fixed construct that you have imagined that it is. If you begin to study quantum physics, you will understand that our science already knows this to be true. So the more that you commit to having time for yourself, the more time you will have actually in the outside world as well and much of that is because many of the things that you thought you had to do, many of the things that you have been told are required of you will simply fall away, leaving a peace and tranquility in their wake. This may be a challenging message for some, but for those who have the courage to embrace it, to embark upon a commitment to living life guided from your own internal compass, your own internal truth, will begin to see that living life from this space can be magical. It can be fun. It can be oh so peaceful.

And you will have a bigger impact on how Earth is changing and growing and evolving and again, how easy or hard that evolution will be. You will have a much bigger impact than you could ever know. It is so hard to believe that by sitting still you can move the world, and yet we tell you this is true. By sitting still, by loving yourself and therefore having more love to share with others, by removing those walls of separation within yourself so that you can remove those walls of separation between you and other humans, you will have a mighty, mighty impact on this world.

A much bigger impact than anything you could actually do, for all of life is energy moving and as you move your own energy in a state that is more peaceful and loving and compassionate, you open this enormous doorway for all other humans to do the same. And as we reach a tipping point of humans being willing to live from this space, your world will evolve and change to the world that you have been dreaming of. Truly, if enough humans embrace this idea and commit to living in this way, your world can change in an instant. Living from this space is that powerful.

This takes courage. There isn't a lot of support in the external world to be your own authority, to be your own truth. But as you live life in this way, you are divinely supported. This is what it means to be truly human - to live life from a place of love and compassion, intertwined with your own desires and preferences, and simply let God show up in your lives. For when you don't place judgments, expectations or specific outcomes, when you don't try to control every moment of your lives and the lives of every other human on the planet, when you live life from your own truth and allow others to do the same, life becomes magical.

We understand that this will take some trust on your part, for humans have lived from this “I’ll see it when I believe it” perspective for a very long time. We see and acknowledge this. So it will take courage to live differently, to experience how living this way will be without having any certainty as to how it will show up.

As the Pleiadian Collective and the Great White Brotherhood Collective, we offer to you that as you sit in meditation, as you sit in your quietness and stillness and you ask for us and you ask for our help, we will be there. We will offer our love and support, and we will guide you to resources that can make your journey a bit easier, make it go a bit more smoothly. We are here. All you need to do is ask. Ask for our presence, ask for our support, ask for our love and then be still and feel us. Feel us around you. Look for the signs that we are here. You might feel a tingling in your stomach, a slight pressure on your shoulder, you might feel a tingling in your crown chakra (the upper part of your scalp), you might feel a tightness in your forehead (your third eye chakra), you might feel a warm breeze or a bit of a coolness, you might feel tingling through your whole body or you might just feel a sense of relaxation and peace. You might feel your shoulders relax, your jaw relax. All of those are signs that we are with you.

So all we ask is that you open yourself up to the possibility that if you simply commit to a few moments of quietness, of stillness, of just sitting with yourself, you can change the world. Do not doubt your own power. Do not doubt your own ability. Do not doubt yourself. Do not doubt your experiences. Do not doubt your new truths and understandings. Do not doubt. Live from your own authority. Live from that space of love and compassion and unity with your fellow humans. Move away from fear and towards love and see what shows up in your world. See what shows up in your life.

As we leave you, we offer to you that all is good, all is well, go in peace.

July 3rd 2021

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