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Baby Steps

We are the Great White Brotherhood and we are most pleased to be with you today. We have been talking over the past few transmissions about the transitory time that you are walking into. Some would call them challenging times. We know that while it may seem that we are making much of this time, we are in many respects downplaying its momentousness.

In the month that you call November, there will be a tremendous amount of energy moving and rising all around you, all around each and every human. And this energy is meant to support you, to uplift you, to raise your energy so that you may step more fully into who you truly are. It is meant to support you in taking some risk, it is meant to support you in moving more fully into the life that you desire, the life that you prefer, even if those steps are small. It is meant to support you in taking more time to be quiet and still. It is meant to support you in hearing that internal voice that many of you call intuition, that subtle knowing that can guide you in those next small steps to live your life more authentically.

This is truly what is being called for in this time, to live more authentically. The more humans that choose to live the life that they prefer, the more smoothly and easily and quickly these challenging times will pass. The more smoothly and easily and quickly you will move into a world that is reflective of the one you wish to live in, filled with more peace, more joy, more abundance, more freedom.

We urge you to take some time in this month of November, and December as well, to get quiet, to remove yourself from some of the distractions that are typical of your society - to remove yourself from news, television, games, food, alcohol - whatever it is that distracts you personally, the most. We don’t ask you to give up those things altogether but we do ask you to set them aside for longer periods of time so that you may sit with yourself in quietude, so that you may hear any messages or thoughts that arise that point you in the direction of living more authentically. Again, we stress that these do not have to be in big ways. They may be in big ways for some of you, but truly baby steps are ok here.

We would like to give an example. So let us say that you are not happy in your current relationship, and let us say that you are feeling taken for granted, that you are feeling as if you are not fully seen. We offer that any time you feel taken for granted or not fully seen, you are taking yourself for granted and you are not fully seeing yourself. Coming full circle, as you take more time to listen to yourself, as you take more time to pay attention to your own inner knowing, that in and of itself is showing yourself more value, it is seeing yourself more fully. So find those ways where you can offer to yourself what you feel is lacking in your outside environment.

Another example might be if you are unhappy in your place of work and you feel as if you are being restricted in how you conduct your work or how you conduct yourself in your workplace. And so we offer to find small ways to move outside of those restrictions without fear of reprisal, not in a sense of rebellion but rather love and the choice to honor yourself above all else. This might look like speaking your truth in a meeting - a truth that you haven’t offered before. This might be changing up a project to be more fully aligned with what you believe that project might be. This might even be having lunch with a new colleague that you having been thinking you might like to get to know but have never made an effort to do so. We know these seem like small, and therefore inconsequential, things but we offer to you that these baby steps, even just one, can have an enormous impact. Just one step can help connect you with that divine, supportive energy that is moving through the planet at this time. It can amplify that energy, and therefore move you more gracefully, easily and quickly through this time period into something that is new and more peaceful, joyful and abundant, for you as well as all others. This is how interconnected everything is.

The more that you live in peace and joy and preference, the more the world will live in peace and joy and preference. The more tolerant you are of yourself, the more tolerant you are of others, and the more tolerance you will receive from others in those baby steps that you take. The more risk that you take, the more risk other humans are likely to take. The more love that you offer in all these baby steps, the more love that you will receive. Again, this is how interconnected you are. This is how interconnected everything is with everything else and everyone is with everyone else. Just know that as much of an impact you taking those baby steps has on your own life, it can have an even greater impact on the greater world. This is how powerful you are. This is how needed you are.

Live your authentic life, live within your truth and preference as much as possible, even if, at times, this might cause some discordance with another human. This is your birthright; this is how you were meant to live - in peace and harmony with each other, but most certainly in peace and harmony with yourself. You cannot live in peace and harmony with others if you are not in peace and harmony with yourself, first and foremost. This is universal law.

So we hope that you can feel that supportive energy flowing in and around you in the coming months. We hope that, even as life outside of yourself might seem more difficult and challenging, you feel that energetic support and take those steps to be more aligned with who you are. Truly, this is the best way to move through any challenge - to be true to who you are, to be true to your desires as much as possible, and to take baby steps to move in whatever direction you feel compelled to move in order to bring more peace and joy into your life, and as a result, bring more peace and joy into the lives of all others. We know this seems impossible to believe, that you are that interconnected with all humans but truly, truly, truly it is so. Be your true self in whatever ways that call to you. Know that you are divinely supported in taking those steps. Sit with yourselves more often in the

coming months. Get quiet. Listen. Listen to your own heart, listen to your own knowing and follow it in whatever ways you can. Be at peace. And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

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