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A Message From Gaia

"I know so many of you humans believe that I am angry with you, believe that you have hurt me into extinction and I want to assure you, that is not the case. I have much time left within this cosmic universe, much more time than you could ever imagine with your minds. So please don’t feel sorry for me. I am just fine. Begin to let go of the fear, the sadness, the sorrow and the guilt, as those things do not serve you any longer. In point of fact, they never did. Instead, feel into the unlimited, infinite abundance that I possess and that I share with you on a moment-to-moment basis, if you are only willing to look. I am a living, breathing consciousness, just like you. And as such, we can connect any any time. All you have to do is get quiet, get centered, and feel around for the energy of me. I assure you I am right there. And if you care to talk to me, I will talk back. But the biggest message I have for you today is to not feel sorry, to not feel sad, to not feel guilt but instead, connect with all the love and the abundance, all of the consciousness awareness that I am. I am right here with you in everything that is going on on this planet, I am right there with you in my love, my compassion, and I am sharing my gifts with you every day. So focus on my abundance, focus on my diversity, focus on my complexity, and know that this will get you so much farther than focusing on your sadness, guilt and fear.”


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