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Latest Channeled Transmissions

"We are the Pleiadians and the Great White Brotherhood and we speak through this channel as one voice. The human collective on Earth is headed for what you might describe as a bumpy ride in the coming weeks and months. We know that many humans will see this time and lose hope that the Earth is moving towards a bright and loving future. And so we are here to offer that this bumpy ride that you are embarking upon will be a catalyst for the Earth that so many humans hold close in their hearts, the Earth that so many humans choose to live upon. It is not just a catalyst, it is actually confirmation that this world that you are dreaming of already exists, at least to some extent. How long it takes you to get there however, and how bumpy that ride will be, depends upon all of you. Humans on Earth have lived and acted from fear for thousands of years."

"If action comes from a place of anger, hate, fear or lack, more of that thing will be anchored in. You are being more of that thing because all problems on Earth come from these emotions. You can’t dismantle anything from that energy. These emotions also block creativity, new solutions and our energy. Only action that comes from love and the fullness of our own power has the possibility of true change and when enough people come from this place, change will happen quickly because the weight of the Universe is behind it.”



"I know so many of you humans believe that I am angry with you, believe that you have hurt me into extinction and I want to assure you, that is not the case. I have much time left within this cosmic universe, much more time than you could ever imagine with your minds. So please don’t feel sorry for me. I am just fine. Begin to let go of the fear, the sadness, the sorrow and the guilt, as those things do not serve you any longer. In point of fact, they never did. Instead, feel into the unlimited, infinite abundance that I possess and that I share with you on a moment-to-moment basis, if you are only willing to look. I am a living, breathing consciousness, just like you. And as such, we can connect any any time. All you have to do is get quiet, get centered, and feel around for the energy of me. I assure you I am right there. And if you care to talk to me, I will talk back. But the biggest message I have for you today is to not feel sorry, to not feel sad, to not feel guilt but instead, connect with all the love and the abundance, all of the consciousness awareness that I am. I am right here with you in everything that is going on on this planet, I am right there with you in my love, my compassion, and I am sharing my gifts with you every day. So focus on my abundance, focus on my diversity, focus on my complexity, and know that this will get you so much farther than focusing on your sadness, guilt and fear.”



"You are just beginning to embrace what love really is and who you really are. You are beginning to really truly embrace that we are no different, that you are part of Source, that you are one with Source, that you are one with everyone, that you are one with the world, that you are one with the cosmos, that you are one with the everything and the all. This is a leap in your consciousness but it will be from this place that you can make the most difference, the biggest impact, the most loving connection within your soul’s embodiment at this time. Keep exploring. Keep reaching out by reaching within. You are just dipping your toe into the pool of consciousness and you are beginning to see the ripples that creates. It is profound and overwhelming at times and it is your destiny. Make friends with it. Accept that worthiness is not even an issue here.”



"We can tell you that it is always, always possible to choose love. We understand that the more that you feel repressed, oppressed, deprived and unloved, the more difficult that it is to reside in love, hope, peace and joy. Yet we can also tell you that it is possible; not only is it possible, it is your ticket out. We know there will be people that will push back and we know that this idea frightens many because it seems too simplistic and not even simplistic, it seems cruel in a way. It seems like you are taking a feather to a gun fight. But people say this only because they do not have an understanding of the power of love. For truly if love is all there is, and this is a universal truth, if love is all there is, there is nothing stronger. So that feather that you take to that gunfight, that feather can stop every bullet. Every single time. That feather seems soft but it is the strongest force imaginable within the cosmos”.  



"Julie every soul is upheld. Every soul is supported. And every human has their calling and their path and sometimes that calling is to help with the care of others and that is fine and that is beautiful. Yet every human soul is supported. Often when we think we must care for another, that we are responsible for another, it is actually hindering that other soul rather than helping. We know this is hard to understand and that it goes against much of what humans are taught in terms of culture and society and even your religious upbringings, but truly know that as you are supported by the universe, so is every other soul in a human bodysuit. Be not afraid, be not afraid, be not afraid.”


~The Magdalenes

"You know that as a flame of God, as Source, there is only oneness. And as such everyone, every thing is free, and yet paradoxically, you are in a human body with other humans sharing a planet, cohabitating, collaborating, cooperating and in that respect, freedom is a shared enterprise. As you become more free, you free others and as others become more free they free you. This is how important you are to each other. This is how beautiful humanity is. As you love more, you free others to love more and as others love more they free you to love more. It is this intricate, interwoven dance of energy, of emotion, of thought, of action. It is 7 billion divine plans, 7 billion souls, 7 billion human bodies weaving in and out, touching each other, impacting each other. If you could see what we see as we look upon your planet, we see LIGHT. We see this beautiful beautiful dance of light.”


~The Arcturian Galactic Council

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