Beyond Healing

     We are stepping into a new dimension and a new consciousness and it will change the way we see everything, including health and wellness. So what will it look like, particularly for healers, as we make this light-filled transformation?

    Healing in our current reality focuses on what is wrong with the physical body and its systems. It tends to be clinical, technical and rewards the labels, parameters, structures, efficiencies, and silos of duality. It is a bottom up approach - it begins with the body, and oftentimes stops with the body.As such, it is, ironically, pretty inefficient. It involves a great deal of thinking, doing, and seeking for both healers and those seeking healing alike - the right practitioner, the right medication, the right diet, the right learning institution, the right get the idea. It is structured around processes that treat every body and every person as a template. Worst yet, it typically ignores the most powerful tools we have at our disposal - our mind, our thoughts, our beliefs and our consciousness. This cookie-cutter, bottom-up approach and these silos of duality no longer serve us well (if they ever did) and won't make the cut as we move into a New Earth that is based in unity consciousness.

     Health, as we move forward, springs from a higher consciousness that focuses on accepting what is, supporting what is in balance, and bringing all systems into homeostasis. It is an intuitive and collaborative uncovering of health from within, rather than a seeking of health from without. This uncovering occurs within a co-creative atmosphere. There is no hierarchy or authority. Each session is a co-creation where both "healer" and the one seeking "healing" are tapping into their innate wisdom and intuition while holding a deep knowing, a certainty, that all is truly well. Restoring balance becomes far less about what we know and what we do, and far more about what we believe, who we are being, and the frequency we are holding in each present moment now.

    As both parties embrace their unique and authentic God-ness, in presence, holding a frequency of love and trust and acceptance, the quantum realm is accessed. This is where all things are possible. It is where potentials are amplified and time and other restrictions are of no consequence. Health in this new era goes beyond healing. It is rejuvenation, regeneration, transformation.

It is alchemy. 


"When I come from my being-ness, I know what I am doing."

A Path To Being The Healer You Never Knew You Could Be

     As we move into unity consciousness, it requires us all to be our most unique, authentic selves; to fully embrace our God-ness. As healers, we must find the courage to step outside of the boxes, silos, and norms of the current healthcare paradigm, both allopathic and alternative, in order to work in our own singular way, trusting not only in our training but in our inner guidance, as well as the inner guidance of the person in front of us. This allows us to co-create health as we hold a high frequency of love, trust and surrender. When done well, it is the stuff of miracles.



     One way for healers to find this courage is through the journey of radical self love and trust. This is a process of excavation. It is unearthing the places where we have dishonored ourselves or another in order to shine a light on what we were missing in that moment. Most importantly, we learn to shower ourselves with that very thing we thought we didn't have, that very thing we thought we needed to be given by another. For most of us, within each dishonoring, we were missing some version of self worth, forgiveness, compassion, or love (truly, at its root, it is always love). As we journey our past, we not only come to know ourselves completely, but in essence we become our own Divine Mother, never failing to see ourselves as God sees us, perfect in our divinity. Some may call this egoic, but it is actually a breaking free from the ego's spell. We grow, emerging both gentle and fierce through humility, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-trust and self-love. Here we cannot be ignored, we cannot be compromised, we cannot be undone. 

     Now we find that we can access multi-dimensional guidance more easily; blend our abilities, skills and knowledge with this guidance; stay present; and be bold enough to live and work authentically. Better yet, when we embody our Divine Mother, we become the Divine Mother to everyone we meet, effortlessly offering that same love, compassion and forgiveness. We raise consciousness. We inspire miracles. We are emboldened by love. 


Do not let a tradition, a teacher, a  concept, an accepted reality lead you from your truth.

You must know what you know, and you must live from what you know.

                                                     ~Divine Mother~

   My fellow fierce life warrior, Montoya Miller, and I recorded a conversation in which we talk about the concepts of going beyond healing and radical self love. Check out this recording if you want to learn more...