Beyond Healing

A Path to Wholeness Through Radical Self Love

What is Beyond Healing?


We are stepping into a new dimension and a new consciousness and it will change the way we approach everything, including health and wellness. So what will it look like for those of us in the healing and wellness space as we make this light-filled transformation?

I see a path that light workers and healers might walk to bring this shift into their lives and work, a path that brings Christ Consciousness into all that we do. When we embody Christ Consciousness, when we access the quantum realm of the present moment, when we stand in our God-ness, all things are possible. Time and other restrictions are of no consequence. While not necessarily easy, transformation and healing become quite simple. I believe that "healing" in the fifth dimension won't be about any one modality, any one way of working, or even about the knowledge, skills, and abilities we have cultivated because it will be less about what we do, what we call ourselves or what we know and more about who we are being in each present moment. In fact, this is beyond healing - it is rejuvenation, it is regeneration, it is alchemy. 

One path to embodying Christ Consciousness is through the anchoring in of radical self love. I have been on my own radical self love journey and now that I am mostly on the other side, I can see its potential to change the way we think about health, healing and wholeness. If you know yourself as a healer and have been feeling stagnant, uninspired, confused or less than successful, this conversation may spark something within you. If you are a light worker seeking to make another leap in consciousness, or are simply curious about this whole radical self love thing, this might also be of interest.


To hear more, check out the podcast Sonder Stories where I, and fellow radical-self love-warrior Montoya Miller, take a deeper dive into this subject. Head to episode 6...


What We'll Be Talking About...

  • How the concept of "healing" keeps us in 3D

  • Why healers feel stagnant and confused and those seeking healing feel overwhelmed

  • How healing can become alchemy through Christ Consciousness

  • How radical self love can be one path towards embodying this consciousness

  • Why this paradigm shift can create a bigger impact than you could ever know in your life, in your work, in the world

With radical self love comes this epiphany - everything I thought was wrong,

all aspects of myself that I thought needed to be healed or evolved, all things I thought were bad,

are all perfect and divine, because how could they not be?

This kind of radical self acceptance can only

lead to the radical self acceptance of all beings

and all things. This is living your mastery.

Nothing is broken, nothing needs healed.



Montoya Miller

Meet Your Podcast Hosts

Montoya Miller is a spiritual mentor with a foundation in yogic philosophy, meditation, hypnotherapy and mindfulness. She guides clients to meet themselves fully - their light and their dark - in order to create life-changing shifts.

Julie Trager is a writer, conscious activist, open channel and creator of community. Her background in social work, health care and mental health, as well as her own experience with dis-ease, has led her to inspire a radical transformation in the way we look at health and healing. As a fierce life warrior, she is committed to living a life of authenticity, peace, joy, and purpose.


Julie Trager