"I am here on this planet, at this time, to model the shift from hate, fear and judgment to love, acceptance and trust. "

About Julie

For as long as Julie can remember, she never felt like she "fit" in. After years of working in hospice and palliative care, she experienced an awakening to her divine purpose and mission and this profound journey of expanded consciousness 

brought her to her knees. On the other side, Julie began to understand that she was never meant to fit in nor was she meant to have it easy. As her Guides told her, "You are a teacher of the highest order which means you are a student of the highest order." Through surrender and acceptance, she was guided to model a new way of being, assist others through their own awakening, and to be a source of divine love.  

Though always a soul in progress, Julie has walked into her mastery and is working to help others uncover their own truth, their own mission, their own beautiful soul. As a spiritual mentor, author, conscious activist, creator and open channel, Julie is here to share teachings from the Divine, dismantle broken systems, and shatter the disempowering lies that we have been told. She is a model for living from presence, intuition, and a deep knowing that we are all deeply supported by the Creator of All. 

Julie has committed her life to ushering in a New Earth rooted in love, unity, freedom and compassion.


Divine Feminine Reclaimed

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine is one of the highest callings on the planet today. If you are here, reading these words, it just may be your calling.


This is a deeply empowering journey of reconnecting with your intuition, your body, your breath, your joy, your creativity and your unique gifts. It is experiencing each present moment through the eyes of fascination, surrender and unconditional love. Presence is a portal that opens up new worlds and ways of being we otherwise might not perceive.This is your birthright - to abide in peace, joy and love.


It is also one of the most impactful things you can do. As Glennon Doyle says in her book "Untamed", "There is no such thing as one way liberation." When you live from a grounded foundation rooted in love, intuition, presence and joy you transform your life into one that is magical, into one that is exquisitely supported, and as you open to the Divine Feminine you become a light for all others to do the same. This is activism on a cosmic level. This is the way of the Master and it is open to all who choose it.

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